Register as Agent or Beneficiary
and manage all your withholding tax types


Import taxpayer schedule into the system with details of WHT type


Agents deduct WHT automatically onbehalf of relevant tax authority.


Record withholding tax remittance to tax authorities and generate e-reciept


View reports of paid and unpaid WHT tax mandates for all WHT types

Asked Questions

  • What is the due date for remitting WHT returns?
    The due date for remitting WHT returns is 21st day of every month following the month in which the deductions were made.
  • What is Withholding Tax Credit Note?
    This is the document issued by the Tax Authority showing that a taxpayer has suffered tax deduction at source.
  • Who are the agents of WHT?
    The agents of WHT are; Corporate bodies (companies). Individuals, firms and sole traders. A statutory body, a public authority and other institutions or organizations. Government Ministry, Department or Agency and Local Government.